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Welcome to The Pinball Machine Shop . Premier home to Buy Pinball machines online. Here at PMS, we enable  clients to buy Used pinball machines as well as Fairly Used Pinball Machines for sale and even brand new pinball machines on sale . Everyone loves pinball machines, from those classic pinball games of the precedent years  to the recent complex modern machines of this generation. So imagine how much fun and anxiety having home pinball machines for your entertainment can be, especially when you pick up cheap pinball machines online and save yourself a heap of credits. You don’t have to be a pinball wizard to appreciate the refurbished pinball machines in our catalog; all of the pinball machines for sale in our shop are high quality, and the used pinball machines are all in pristine working order and in superb condition. You can even find the antique pinball machine you’ve been looking for and have a true classic in your home.There’s nothing quite like standing at one of those classic pinball games and tossing in your quarters to rack up as many points as you can, juggling that steel pinball with quick wits and quicker fingers to keep the scoreboard rolling. We know that you’ll play our new and used pinball machines and fall in love with the music and sound effects all over again while you try for another high score. Whether it’s an antique pinball machine for a collector or wholesale pinball machines for your arcade, you’ll find the right pinball machines for sale inside, from refurbished pinball machines of yore and brand new home pinball machines. We’ve got the old pinball machines from major movie releases, specialty pinball machines for pop culture icons, used pinball machines in great working shape, antique pinball machine sets from long ago, and other home pinball machines to keep you rolling.  So check out our pinball machines for sale and see if we have the wholesale pinball machines you’ve been looking for. Chances are you’ll browse our cheap pinball machines and refurbished pinball machines and come across a forgotten friend hiding with all the other old pinball machines. You can even purchase pinball machines for Barcade to create fun , nostalgic vibe in your bar . Pinball can give your customers something to keep coming back for.  Or buy Pinball machines for your corporation to keep your employed lively and more enticed . It’s just a click away

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Arcade machines aren’t just for fancy venues anymore – many people have added a game to their abodes that played an important role in their personal past. Whether you just want to add a single game to your mancave, spruce up your garage, help your kids make fun memories in their play rooms or you are building up your own collection. Here at Pinball Machine Shop, we help  you buy brand new arcade game, used arcade games on sale, buy arcade games for bars, buy arcade games for office or corporation, we aid in purchase of arcade games for children recreation, as we aim to merge the world of leisure , business and profit in our gaming experience.

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"Very Happy Corvette Owner!! I was extremely please with the prompt delivery of my Corvette Pinball machine. The packaging for shipment was perfect to keep from damaging the machine as it went down two sets of stairs. The Pinball Machine looked just like new and worked perfectly! the follow up support by Brooke was great. Thank you from another satisfied customer!!."
dylan moss
I purchased the Addams Family pinball machine through The Pinball Company. Their delivery service delivered and set up the machine (we live in California). I have called The Pinball Company a couple of times with questions regarding the pinball machine. Nic and Brooke (the owners) are very professional and courteous in our conversations. I had my first service call (included with the purchase) and they sent out Chris --The Pinball Pirate. This guy is a die-hard and really knows his stuff when it comes to pinball machines! This guy was on a mission from the time he arrived. I was really impressed! Chris is also great to deal with. I normally don't purchase big ticket items on the internet, but I really wanted the Addams Family pinball machine and the positive feedback about this company persuaded me to make the purchase. I'm really glad I did! I would highly recommend this company
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the pingamer
"Brooke, just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks again for the beautiful job on the NBA Jam game. I changed the one button contact like you said and it works great. In fact Clarence had a party this past weekend and everybody couldn't believe that a game so old looked so good. Again thanks and I'm sure I will be in touch for more games in the future."
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